ARE YOU PAYING YOUR MINIMUM INCOME TAX DUE? Large National Firm Says: "Get Your Billions Back" We Say: "Don't Pay the Billions To Begin With!" PLAN TODAY TO AVOID TAXES TOMORROW!
ARE YOU PAYING YOUR MINIMUM INCOME TAX DUE?Large National Firm Says: "Get Your Billions Back"We Say: "Don't Pay the Billions To Begin With!"PLAN TODAY TO AVOID TAXES TOMORROW!

Step 1: Establish a Relationship with The Client.  This includes identifying the services to be provided; method of planner compensation; establishing the responsibilities of each party; deciding on the time frame; and discussing any other matters needed to define or limit the scope of the engagement.

Step 2: Gather Information.  VSFS will gather specific qualitative and quantitative information about you, which will include financial statements, past tax returns, assets and asset ownership, insurance coverage, and any estate documents.  This list is representative and not exhaustive of the data that may or must be collected.  VSFS will also assist you to determine planning goals and to determine your investment risk tolerance levels.

Step 3: Analyze the information.  VSFS will evaluate the assembled data to determine your current financial status.  The goals are to identify weaknesses (and strengths) in the financial status with respect to your stated goals and risk tolerance.

Step 4Develop a plan. VSFS will develop a financial plan that is objective and tailored to your specific goals, values, financial strengths and weaknesses, needs, and risk tolerance.

Step 5Implement the Plan.  We will work together and with any other necessary professionals to carry out the actions recommended in the plan.

Step 6Monitor.  Periodically, we will meet to monitor your progress in implementing your plan and to make any necessary adjustments in light of developments in your life, changes in applicable laws, and economic conditions.  Our primary goal is to assure that you are progressing toward your goals as you identified them in your plan.

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