ARE YOU PAYING YOUR MINIMUM INCOME TAX DUE? Large National Firm Says: "Get Your Billions Back" We Say: "Don't Pay the Billions To Begin With!" PLAN TODAY TO AVOID TAXES TOMORROW!
ARE YOU PAYING YOUR MINIMUM INCOME TAX DUE?Large National Firm Says: "Get Your Billions Back"We Say: "Don't Pay the Billions To Begin With!"PLAN TODAY TO AVOID TAXES TOMORROW!

Although each client’s circumstances and therefore each engagement will be unique, our process of working together on your issues and/or or your plan will generally follow the following sequence:


Initial Meeting:  after our first, free meeting, and assuming that we have both agreed to work together, we will gather all the needed data to determine your current financial status, identify your most pressing needs and plan how to address those needs.

Subsequent Meetings:  We will meet in subsequent meetings to discuss the issues and outcomes of the planning process and to assure that we agree on all issues.  The number of these meetings will depend on the depth and complexity of the services you have chosen.

Final meeting:  we will go over the plan in detail to assure that we have addressed your concerns and that you are clear on what you have done and what you may still need to do.  The engagement will be concluded at the end of this final meeting unless you choose future, scheduled or ongoing services.


Checkups and Follow-ups

We have used a medical analogy to explain how we practice financial planning.  Following through with that analogy, you do not go to the doctor only one time in your life unless you are in unbelievably good health (good for you if that is the case!).  Most people go (or should go) see their doctor and other medical professionals at least once a year and usually more frequently as they age and their health concerns usually grow and change.


We believe the process should be the same for your financial health and well-being.  We believe and encourage you to schedule periodic and/or regular, recurring reviews of any planning we perform for you.  Your circumstances will change as your life changes; almost certainly your life will grow more complicated as you grow older and move on in your life.  You can plan for the changes in your life and be ready for them before they occur such as a new house purchase, children and many other milestones in your life.  If you have engaged VSFS for your income tax preparation, this would be a very good time to review your financial plan. 

After all, would you trust a doctor who told you that you only needed one visit to maintain your health for the rest of your life?

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